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When is it time to get new hearing aids?

"by " Albert Stein

audika-nuance-016How often do you need to replace your hearing aids? There are a number of factors involved in that decision. How well you take care of your hearing aids, whether or not you experience changes to your hearing, and many other variables go into determining whether it’s time for a new device. We’ve outlined a few ways your hearing care provider may determine if it’s time for a re-fitting.

The HSP recently adjusted its requirements for the duration of time people must wait before being re-fitted for hearing aids. Previously, people had to wait at least six years before they could be given a new device. That recommendation now states that people wait five years before they receive a new device. This is good news, as most hearing aids last 3-5 years, according to Healthy Hearing.*

If your device proves to be in good condition and you still aren’t able to hear well with it, your hearing threshold may have changed. If the change is dramatic enough, your hearing care provider may determine that it’s time for a new device.

If for some reason the shape of your ear has changed, perhaps as the result of an accident, you will need to be re-fitted for a new device whose size and shape match those of your ear.

Only you and your ear care provider can determine when it’s time for a new hearing aid. But you shouldn’t delay on making an appointment if you believe your device is no longer functioning optimally. Having a hearing aid that works is important to ensuring your safety and quality of life.

*20 December 2011. Healthy Hearing. [Online]. Available here.