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We are here to guide you in your journey to better hearing and provide you with support every step of the way.

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4 benefits of visiting an Audika hearing clinic

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1. Experts in hearing care
Our certified audiologists conduct non-binding hearing tests with Real Ear Measurements and same-day results.
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2. Personalized approach
We provide customized care by focusing on your personal needs so that we can provide you with the most optimal solution for your lifestyle.
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3. Quality hearing aid solutions
We offer a broad selection of the latest digital hearing aids from multiple award-winning brands.
Quality hearing aid solutions
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4. The Audika Advantage
As an Audika customer you will benefit from the Audika Advantage.
The Audika Advantage

1. We are hearing care specialists 

Audika’s experts are continually trained in the latest advancements in modern hearing care technology. During your appointment, one of our experts will educate you about the hearing aid solutions available to you.

All Audika hearing care experts are licensed to provide professional hearing care so that you can trust that you are receiving professional, high-quality care.

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2. A personalized approach which puts your needs first

Audika’s goal is to deliver personalized hearing care by prioritizing your unique hearing needs in the process.

Your hearing care expert will spend time understanding your personal needs, preferences and budget so that they can provide you with the most optimal solution for your lifestyle.

What to expect at a full hearing test

You might be wondering what takes place at a hearing test, such as how your clinician will check for hearing loss and what you can expect to learn.

Our short video will provide you with what you can expect at a full hearing test appointment with an Audika clinician. 

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At Audika we have three ways of checking your hearing :

  • a 15 minute AMTAS computer screen,
  • a 30 minute screening test with a clinician,
  • and a 60 minute full test with a clinician.

When you contact us, we will determine the most suitable hearing check for you.

Let’s take a look at what happens at a full test with a clinician.


A clinician will begin by asking you about your hearing health history.

This can help the clinician better tailor a hearing solution to your individual needs.


This discussion is followed by a visual ear examination.

Your clinician will check for any earwax blockages or other irregularities.


Now you will undertake the hearing test.

This includes a series of tests – such as listening to tones, speech and middle ear tests.

These tests measure various elements of your hearing and help us to gain a thorough understanding of your hearing abilities and ear health.


Upon completion of your hearing test, you will get same-day test results.

Your clinician will discuss your results with you and provide a recommendation where appropriate.


If you have no hearing loss, you will be advised on healthy hearing practices and how to help protect your hearing through the years.

If you are over 65, we recommend that you test your hearing once a year.


If hearing loss is detected, you will receive advice on hearing care solutions including hearing aid options.

If hearing aids are suitable for you, we will assist you in choosing the best hearing aid solution for your lifestyle and budget.


A full hearing test takes about 45- 60 minutes to complete.


Book your hearing check at Audika today.

3. Access to high quality, modern hearing aid solutions

When you purchase hearing aids from Audika, you are receiving the latest advancements in hearing aid technology. You will have a selection of award-winning brands to choose from, including trusted brands such as Oticon and Bernafon.

We have a broad range of solutions available, including discreet hearing aid styles, budget-friendly solutions, and additional connectivity accessories for your hearing aids.

Hearing aid brands and models

4. Access to complimentary aftercare services

When you purchase hearing aids from Audika, you receive a range of free aftercare services.

These services are beneficial in maintaining your hearing aids and ensuring that you get the most out of them.

Audika Aftercare Program

Maddison Franse Audiologist

"Hearing health is incredibly important and has implications on many aspects of life, from social connectedness to a person’s sense of independence. What I love about my role is being able to educate others on the importance of hearing health, ultimately to the benefit of those in our community".

Maddison Franse, Audiologist and Medical and Clinical Projects Specialist at Audika
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Meet our hearing care experts

Mona Hemsley - Audiologist and Head of Clinical Governance & Training

B.Comm(Mgt), GradCertSci., M.Clin.Aud.,MAudSA(CCP)

Mona’s career has seen her work in a wide range of audiological areas, including paediatrics, diagnostics and tinnitus counselling, where she ultimately developed a passion for adult rehabilitation and helping not simply hearing care clients but developing the skills of our network of clinicians. Mona’s consistent relationship-focused ability to train and foster the talents of all client-facing team members saw her move into State Management and national training roles, before advancing to her current role as Chief Audiologist and Head of Clinical Governance and Training for the entire Audika Clinical Network across Australia and New Zealand. 

Mona’s focus is now on ensuring every client Audika interacts with is achieving a better quality of life, through a clinically consistent, professional and high-standard of care provided by all clinical team members. This client outcomes focus is the key driver in developing and reimagine the future of modern hearing care at Audika.

Mona Hemsley red shirt looking forward

Nimi Daya Naran - Audiologist and Head of Medical Services & Graduate Development ANZ.

BA(Psych), M.Clin.Aud., MAudSA(CCP)

Nimi is an experienced audiologist whose clinical career and dedication to the Audiology industry has afforded her many opportunities, where she has had the ability to specialise in paediatrics, adult rehabilitation, complex adult rehabilitation and tinnitus. Through these specialities she recognised her passion for clinical excellence and educating others. 

Today, she draws on that experience in her work as the Head of Medical Services and Graduate Development. Her current role allows her to raise hearing health awareness amongst general practitioners. As well as contribute to the development of clinicians in their early career, to ensure they have a strong clinical foundation as they begin their journey in the Audiology industry. She has also developed initiatives to improve clinical service delivery and client care. More recently she has established the Audika Specialist Referral Network, an initiative to ensure clients who could benefit from implantable technology are given access to these services. As well as ensuring these clients are supported throughout their implant journey.  
Nimi Daya Naran white top smiling

Maddison Franse - Audiologist and Medical and Clinical Projects Specialist

BSc, MClinAud, MAudA(CCP)

What drew Maddison to the hearing care industry was the potential to help others connect with those around them, enriching their quality of life. Over her career at Audika she has gained experience in adult rehabilitation, paediatric testing and tinnitus management, and been involved the training and development of graduate and student audiologists. Excited to share her passion for hearing health and excellent clinical care she moved into the role of Medical & Clinical Projects Specialist. 

Maddison's current role allows her to raise hearing health awareness amongst other health professionals and support Audika’s clinical network in providing the best possible service and care to their clients.

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