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Meet Imogen Abernethy - clinician at our hearing clinic in West Lakes, SA.

Learn about Imogen's experience as an Audiologist.


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Transcript: Meet Imogen Abernethy - Clinician at our hearing clinic in West Lakes, SA

I love speaking with people.

I find myself quite personable.

It is what also helps make me good at helping those with communication difficulties.

I love communicating and to have a passion then to help people communicate, it's rewarding.

If I am passionate about helping people improve what I am also passionate about, we establish a really good relationship.

My name is Imogen Abernethy.

I'm a clinician here in Audika, South Australia and I have been a clinician for four years now.

So as the role of a  in a typical appointment would involve getting someone in, asking them about themselves, about any issues that they have with communication, doing a hearing test and working out from their issues and hearing test results about how I can better improve their communication and quality of life.

So a hearing test entails looking in their ears and then getting them in a hearing test booth, testing their hearing.

They will listen to beeps.

Press the button when they hear a beep.

We do a speech test with them to work out their speech discrimination and then bone conduction as well.

And so all of these components put together give us a more comprehensive understanding of their hearing loss, so we are then better able to make a recommendation.

Audika is cutting-edge for hearing loss. It's always up to date.

The technology is fantastic and the continuing improvement is making it a lot easier to help people with hearing loss and their communication difficulties.

Work life balance has been achievable at Audika.

Of course working Monday to Friday, but I also play quite high-level netball, which does take up most of my other spare time.

Audika has been understanding.

I mean they support work life balance as well.

Which in turn is beneficial, because I feel if someone does have a good work life balance, they are better maintain stress and work more efficiently as well.

Within your small clinic I think it's fantastic that you have got your close family, but I think it is also beneficial that you have got a larger scale family.

You do not feel minute, you do not feel unrecognised.

You still have the support close by.

But being part of a global company also makes you feel important as well.

So having that balance between a close knit family, but also the extended family, outside of that local one, certainly provides both benefits on both ends of the scale.

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