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Hearing loss and its affect on communication

"by " Albert Stein

Many people think hearing loss is just that – a reduced ability to hear things clearly. However, while that is true, it's not the only obstacle that someone with hearing loss has to overcome. It affects many aspects of communication, for both sides of a conversation. Let's take a look.

It's not just soft sounds that aren't heard properly, but loud sounds can be fragmented or distorted. This is especially the case if the sound environment is complex, full of multiple speakers and background noises.

Even with hearing aids equipped, many things can still impact the clarity of sound that reaches the user. Are the speakers all facing different directions? Are they covering their mouths when they speak? Is it obvious when they address the person with hearing loss? Then there's also quick chatter, mumbling and perhaps even people talking over each other. 

A situation such as this can be confusing for someone with hearing loss – leaving them feeling left out of conversations and retreating from participation. This leads to feelings of isolation, where confidence and self-esteem can fall. As we all know, these issues can go on to impact many other aspects of life.

Luckily, there are highly advanced hearing aids to help streamline this sound.

Learn how to connect to your loved ones in a complex soundscape.

Finding a job typically requires interviews. For someone with hearing loss, their lowered confidence may mean they are hesitant to come out of their shell or ask the interviewee to repeat themselves.

Those with hearing loss may also shy away from certain jobs that require an extensive use of hearing – think teachers or receptionists, who have to converse with many different people throughout the work day.

Not displaying the levels of confidence needed during an interview can mean missed job opportunities, and a struggle to find the right fit of a job.

It starts in the home. If your loved one has hearing loss, communicating well with you can help them to regain confidence for socialising and work.

Finding the right hearing solution is also very important. It can balance out the levels of hearing ability in the ears if they are fitted correctly. Make sure your hearing aids are still adequate for your hearing by getting one of our audiologists to check.

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