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The Oticon Opn™: A device for more than just our hearing

"by " Albert Stein

When we invest money into new technology, we have a high set of expectations for them to perform better than what we currently have. That's because technology is constantly evolving, sometimes too fast for us to upgrade at the same rate.

Take the iPhone, for example. First launching into our tech-loving hands in mid-2007, there are now 13 models out, with the 7th generation ready to hit our shores soon.

Hearing aids are no exception. The first form of hearing solutions appearing as large, clunky trumpets, we now have the option to choose from many near-invisible designs that offer us access to a wider soundscape with each upgrade.

This leads us on to the Oticon Opn™. It's the world's first internet-connected hearing aid, but that's not all. This deceptively small device can also help to relieve brain fatigue.

Keeping up with conversations can be one of the biggest challenges of hearing loss.

Hearing fatigue is a real thing – it's what those with hearing loss experience after a long day of keeping up with conversations. Unfortunately, we can't exactly turn off our ears, and ignoring all sounds around us is harder than you may think.

Whether for work or social reasons, trying to listen and keep up with conversations for extended periods of time means our brains work much harder than usual to process these sounds and turn them into meaning. Results from recent studies have shown that the efforts of keeping up with conversations is the greatest challenge for those with hearing loss.

Not being able to actively participate in social situations as much as we'd like can leave us feeling left out, isolated and frustrated.

Do you feel mentally tired after a conversation?

This is what the Oticon Opn™ hearing aids aim to target. Ground-breaking technology is introduced through these devices to open up the soundscape around us, thereby reducing the strain on our mental abilities.

Traditionally, hearing aids just made noises louder. While this worked well enough to make conversations more coherent, it also amplified background noise, which can inhibit the clarity of important conversations.

With the specifically-developed BrainHearing™ technology, the Oticon Opn™ is able to identify and filter out noise, so we have access to a clear stream of relevant sounds.

Test results show that it processes sounds at an incredible 50 times faster than the latest hearing aids on the market, relieving the efforts of our brain. Due to this, we get a 30 per cent better speech understanding, and thus, our brains are less fatigued – up to 20 per cent.1

This helps our brain divert efforts to other aspects of a social conversation, such as recall. We're able to remember 20 per cent more of what we hear as our mental capabilities aren't overwhelmed by irrelevant sounds.

It's all about what's behind the shell, rather than what we can see. The Velox™ platform is what supports the wide range of technologies, including BrainHearing™.

Not only does it process sounds 50 times faster than other available hearing solutions, but it's constantly scanning your surroundings 100 times per second to identify noises coming from all 360 degrees – this is what allows the Oticon Opn™ to determine what stream of sound you want to focus on, no matter how complex your listening environment may be.

With the stresses of fragmented conversation handled externally, your brain can relax to enjoy conversations as they come. Social situations can be embraced with confidence, rather than dread – as long as you are equipped with your Oticon Opn™ hearing device.

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1Compared to the Alta2 Pro.

* Free hearing check is available to adults aged 26 or over.