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Protect your hearing health this Summer

Contributed by Audika

1/01/2024 12:00:00 AM • 3 min to read

Sun's here, fun's here and there are probably many summertime events that you're eager to attend. Whether it be a family gathering, party, parade or festival, all these have one thing in common — loud noises. It’s important to take extra care to protect your hearing. It doesn't mean avoiding social events, but rather, taking preventative measures to further protect your hearing when things get loud. Here’s how you can protect your hearing during the sunny season.

Concerts and festivals

In Australia, summer spells music and festivals. Just like any other season, you should invest in a good pair of ear plugs. Customised ones will ensure they fit your ears snugly to block out more noise.

If you wear hearing aids, the warmer weather and festivals may result in your hearing aids being exposed to more dust, dirt and sweat than other times of the year. While many hearing aids offer protection against everyday moisture and wear with nano-coated technology, it's important to keep them as clean and dry as possible as no hearing aids are truly waterproof.

If you are worried because you need to use your hearing aids around water, your audiologist should be able to help you find the right solution for you.

Beach days

Hitting Australia's picturesque beaches is a must-do activity during summer. However, the beach means being surrounded by sand, sea and salt — all of which can damage your hearing aids. Again, reducing the risk of your hearing aids becoming immersed in water is vital. But keeping your hearing aids debris-free is also something to keep in mind.

Hearing loss doesn't mean you have to miss out on summer fun. Make sure you bring along a case or a waterproof bag to store your hearing aids when you take them off to go swimming. Keep them in the shade and avoid long hours of exposure to the hot sun, as hearing aids are extremely sensitive to heat.

Summer with all the trimmings

If there’s one thing people do more of in warmer weather, it’s mow their lawn. Grass grows quickly during spring and summer, and while lawn maintenance may keep the neighbourhood looking pristine, the noise can become irritating. Be prepared by removing hearing aids or turning them off, and keep ear plugs or earmuffs on hand to block out the noise and prevent hearing damage (or a headache)!

Of course, the best way to look after your hearing this summer is to make sure you have the correct hearing solutions for your unique situation. Book an appointment or call 1800 340 631 to request a FREE* hearing check with an Audika hearing care expert today.

Don’t let hearing loss get in the way of your summertime fun!

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