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Hearing aid training for your ears

"by " Albert Stein

When we embark on the quest to acquire a new skill, it understandably takes a good amount of time and dedication to gain the aptitude you're looking for. 

If you've read our recent blog post, you'll know that hearing aids come with an adjustment period before users are fully competent with them. To help you train your ears to use a hearing device, here are a few tips for newcomers. 

It's understandable if you experience a little frustration in the early days of wearing your hearing aids. With an influx of sounds you've not heard in some time, it takes the brain a while to become accustomed to the new sensation. 

Writing for Audicus, audiologist Tammy Flodmand notes that it can take anywhere from two to six weeks to get used to hearing aids*. However, rest assured, your brain possesses incredible powers of adaptation, so all you need to do is be patient with yourself.

By wearing your hearing aids a little more each day, you can slowly become more used to hearing with them. Phonak suggests practising different skills each day, such as listening attentively to simple sounds around the house and reading aloud*. 

Once you're satisfied with your aptitude on exercise one, you can progress to following a conversation on the radio or TV, before trying a chat of your own in a quiet, peaceful environment with a family member or friend*. 

Going along to a concert or a large social gathering the day you get your hearing aids isn't advisable. Instead, only attempt such activities once you've had some time to practise the skills in the previous section.

You'll want to ensure that you are able of tolerating loud noises while wearing your hearing aids, as well as being able to follow conversations comfortably before you attempt more difficult hearing situations. 

Fortunately, when you're adjusting to your hearing aids, your Audika audiologist here to help. To find out if you could benefit from a hearing device, click here or call 1800 340 631 to request an appointment with your local Audika clinic.

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