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Introducing the new Sonic Enchant hearing aids

"by " Albert Stein

Hearing aids are no longer just devices that amplify the sounds around us. 

Thanks to incredible innovations in technology, your hearing aids can do more than you might imagine, from reducing background noise to playing music and minimising tinnitus symptoms. 

All of this is embodied in the exciting new Enchant hearing aids from Sonic. Find out what these incredible new devices can do for you. 

The Enchant benefits from the SoundDNA platform, an innovative, adaptive set of features that enhance the user's listening experience.  

Particularly helpful is the Speech in Noise (SPiN) function, which helps to separate speech from the soundscape, making it easier for wearers to follow conversations even in noisy environments. The Enchant hearing aid benefits from the latest in hearing technology advances, allowing it to intelligently filter out background noises.

SPiN also addresses background noise between pauses in speech, as well as locating incoming speech signals from all directions, rather than just those immediately in front of you. 

Enhance's Impulse Noise Reduction also helps to suppress spontaneous background noise that could prove to be irritating, while Binaural Noise Management mimics the natural balance of our ears to help create a more natural listening environment. 

Sonic's Enchant hearing aids enable you to hear the world in better clarity.

Tinnitus is a condition estimated to affect as many as one in five Australians, according to the Victoria Government's Better Health Channel1. Characterised by an internal ringing, buzzing or humming sound, tinnitus can be a cause of distress if left unaddressed. 

Sonic Enchant wearers can access the Tinnitus SoundSupport function to provide relief from tinnitus symptoms. It achieves this by both increasing the volume of external sounds to make tinnitus less noticeable, as well as by generating specialised noise to mask the sound of tinnitus. 

Just because you have hearing loss, doesn't mean you can't enjoy listening to music. Enchant's new Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) enables you to listen to your favourite tunes in better quality, with even the most sudden, explosive sounds being relayed in high fidelity without distortion. 

In addition, Enchant's SmartMusic program allows you to rediscover the joy of live concerts – whether you're in the audience or performing on stage. By anticipating build ups in the music and adjusting your aids accordingly, SmartMusic means you can enjoy live performances without the music being distorted by loud volumes. 

Enchant's IP68 rating gives it the highest possible performance with regards to handling perspiration, as well as accidental splashes and dust. 

In addition, if you're planning on flying with your hearing aids, Sonic's Airplane Environment, can help to make the experience even better. Exclusive to Enchant hearing aids, this feature targets the drone of plane engines, as well as cabin noise, minimising them so that you can hear in-flight announcements, talk to your travelling companions and enjoy movies and music. 

Furthermore, you can also use the app to transform the Enchant hearing aids into wireless headphones. Simply stream the music from your mobile device straight to your hearing aids to hear your favourite music in crystal clarity. You can now control your hearing aids with your smartphone, thanks to the SoundLink 2 App. Available for Apple devices, you can use the app to switch programmes and change the volume on your hearing aid, as well as check your battery level. 

At Audika, we're excited to be offering the Sonic Enchant range to our clients. To find out more about Enchant, you can give us a call on 1800 340 631, or request a hearing check at your local clinic by clicking here.

*Better Health Channel, Tinnitus. Accessed June, 2017