Top tips for smoother travel with hearing aids

"by " Albert Stein

The holiday season has well and truly arrived, bringing with it all the joys of this time of year.  From festive decorations decking the halls of our local shops and streets to those classic Christmas carols sounding out over the radio, there's no shortage to the ways you can enjoy the Christmas period. 

One of the main attractions of December is, of course, the opportunity to meet up with family and friends, some of whom we haven't seen for some time. While this can mean plenty of heartwarming reunions, it can also mean no small amount of travel. 

Whether you're taking a road trip upstate, or boarding a plane to visit loved ones overseas, here's what you should keep in mind if you are travelling with hearing aids. 

If you've taken the step to restore your hearing, your audiologist will have already informed you about how to care for your device, but there are additional measures you can take to make your journey a smooth one. 

  • Take spare batteries – This is a must. Even if you don't expect you will need to change your batteries on the trip, you don't want to be caught without them. Buy yours before you go so that you can avoid the potential rigmarole of having to buy some at your destination. 

  • Bring a dehumidifier – These cases help to keep your hearing aids in excellent working condition by keeping them moisture free. Important if you are heading somewhere humid or rainy, or if you are heading to the Northern Hemisphere where there is a chance of a snowy Christmas. 

  • Wear your hearing aids – If you are travelling by plane, remember that you don't need to take your hearing aid out to go through security. In fact, it is more helpful that you wear your hearing aids at all times in an airport, so that you can stay on top of any important announcements or instructions. 

If you're concerned about your hearing, get it sorted before you travel this holiday season. Click here or call 1800 340 631 to request a hearing check appointment with your local Audika clinic.


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