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Hearing tests at Audika

What to expect at a full hearing test

You might be wondering what takes place at a hearing test, such as what types of tests you’ll take and what you can expect to learn.

We have three types of tests in our clinics, these are; An AMTAS - computer test using specific hearing software (15 mins), a Screening test with a Clinician (30 mins) and a full test with a Clinician (60 mins).

Our short video will provide you with what you can expect at a full hearing test appointment with an Audika clinician. 

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At Audika we have three ways of checking your hearing :

  • a 15 minute AMTAS computer screen,
  • a 30 minute screening test with a clinician,
  • and a 60 minute full test with a clinician.

When you contact us, we will determine the most suitable hearing check for you.

Let’s take a look at what happens at a full test with a clinician.


A clinician will begin by asking you about your hearing health history.

This can help the clinician better tailor a hearing solution to your individual needs.


This discussion is followed by a visual ear examination.

Your clinician will check for any earwax blockages or other irregularities.


Now you will undertake the hearing test.

This includes a series of tests – such as listening to tones, speech and middle ear tests.

These tests measure various elements of your hearing and help us to gain a thorough understanding of your hearing abilities and ear health.


Upon completion of your hearing test, you will get same-day test results.

Your clinician will discuss your results with you and provide a recommendation where appropriate.


If you have no hearing loss, you will be advised on healthy hearing practices and how to help protect your hearing through the years.

If you are over 65, we recommend that you test your hearing once a year.


If hearing loss is detected, you will receive advice on hearing care solutions including hearing aid options.

If hearing aids are suitable for you, we will assist you in choosing the best hearing aid solution for your lifestyle and budget.


A full hearing test takes about 45- 60 minutes to complete.


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John Okely

"I hear speech more clearly, so I'm not second-guessing as much anymore. I've experienced what they can do in noisy crowd situations, where I would before tune out, and have been able to join the conversation as an equal."

John Okely - Oticon More 1 R hearing aid wearer
Love your ear

Life-changing hearing

Australians’ top health concern is memory loss/dementia (70 per cent), yet 83 per cent are unaware of the associated risk between hearing loss and dementia. 

Treating hearing loss early, before or in mid-life, is one of 12 modifiable risk factors for dementia as recognised by a landmark 2020 study in The Lancet.2

Why choose Audika?

When you choose Audika, you’re immediately covered by real benefits to help you stay hearing healthy.

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Generous 60-day change of mind return period^
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An Audika customer service representative will contact you on your nominated phone number shortly to arrange your FREE* hearing check and answer any further questions you may have. 

If your request has been received after business hours we will call you the following business day. 

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^ Fee-free, interest-free payment plans, 60-day change of mind return period, and for all Oticon, Sonic and Bernafon hearing aids a 12-month hearing aid loss and damage cover and 4-year hearing aid warranty all form part of the Audika Advantage. Click here for Audika Advantage terms and conditions.

Livingston, Gill, et al. "Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission." The Lancet 396.10248 (2020): 413-446.