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Our client stories

Need some encouragement? You can hear better than you ever thought possible; just read these testimonials from actual Audika clients, who have been so pleased with their improved hearing experience with Audika, they simply had to share their story.

“I’m calmer, happier and more present, I feel peaceful, I’m not stressing or trying to keep up with the topic of conversation – it just happens naturally.”

Paola Baltra

“The other day I was watering the garden, and I heard a noise – which in fact turned out to be a leaking pipe, that I wouldn’t have otherwise heard”

Walter Tonkin

“After being fitted with hearing aids, it has improved by day-today- ability to understand others. I’m significantly more confident when I’m with other people – if I go out to a function or we have a few drinks and everyone’s talking at once, I can figure them out.”

Walter Tonkin

“There are no words that can describe how all those everyday things have changed my life now that I’m fitted with hearing aids,”

Paola Baltra

“I was really worried that I’d have large, ugly hearing aids – but I have these great slimline ones. You can’t tell I’m wearing them from the front, and I even forget I have them in sometimes.”

Paola Baltra

“I love my new hearing aids, I can sit out on the veranda in the mornings and I hear all the bird noises – they’re fantastic, and I never realised they were there before”.

Trevor Simon

“They have definitely made a huge difference. I definitely feel more integrated with people. I don’t have to strain to hear anymore – it feels wonderful” 

Margaret Carpenter

“With my hearing aids on I feel like a new man, and when I take them off the world goes quiet.”

Trevor Simon

“Just the other day I was working in the garden and heard a bee buzzing for the very first time”

Margaret Carpenter

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