Diabetes and hearing loss

The link between diabetes and hearing loss

Individuals with diabetes are 2x more likely to have hearing loss than those living without the condition (Type I and Type II).1

people_with_diabetes_are_2_times_)more_likley_ have_hearing_loss

Further studies demonstrate people who have blood sugar levels higher than normal (i.e. pre-diabetics) have a higher rate of hearing loss compared to those with normal blood sugar levels.2

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How can diabetes potentially cause hearing loss?

While it’s not known exactly why hearing loss is more common among people with diabetes, it is suggested that nerve damage caused by diabetes may affect the hearing nerves in the inner ear. Researchers also believe the prolonged high blood glucose levels may lead to hearing loss by affecting the supply of blood or oxygen to the tiny nerves and blood vessels of the inner ear. Over time, the nerves and blood vessels may become damaged, affecting the person’s ability to hear.1

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What can you do? 

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Impact of untreated hearing loss

Untreated hearing loss may have a range of negative consequences on an individual's life and can lead to safety concerns, putting them at higher risk of falls, for example3. It can also impact you in various forms such as: 

1. You may feel left out of conversations
2. Your social life may be impacted
3. You may feel frustrated4, lonely4, anxious5 and isolated4,6
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