image shows woman wearing a mask

Wearing a mask with hearing aids

Our tips to assist you while wearing a mask with your hearing aids

Wearing a mask with hearing aids

Wearing a mask can be difficult, particularly with hearing aids.

Here are some tips to assist:


Try pulling your hair back into a bun or securing with elastics. This will increase your awareness of the hearing aid so you can easily double check it is placed correctly.

Security Clip

For further security, a hearing aid retention clip can be used to secure hearing aids to clothing i.e. an Oticon SafeLine Clip1. Please contact your Hearing Professional for more information.

Removing the Mask

Be mindful to ensure that your hearing aids are secure when removing the mask. We recommend holding the hearing aid with one hand whilst removing the mask with the other.

Mask Style

Try to find a mask that is secured by tying strings behind the head instead of tight elastic bands around the ears. This will assist by taking the pressure away from the ears and reduce the risk of losing the hearing aid when removing the mask.

If a mask that uses elastic is the only option, we have these tips for you:

 Use a headband or strip of fabric, sew two buttons on either end.


 Use these buttons to loop and secure the mask elastics behind the head.

1 SafeLine is compatible with all Oticon BTE, miniRITE and designRITE hearing aid styles. Always read the instructions for use. Follow the instructions for use.

Here to help from the comfort of your own home

If you are unable to visit your local clinic you can call the Audika Hearing Care Help Line on 1800 317 914. This service allows you to connect with an Audika local expert via phone on your hearing questions and request batteries to be mailed to you. Even if you are not an existing Audika client, our local experts will be only too happy to help.