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The latest technology in custom hearing aids available at Woy Woy

Now offering Oticon Own™, the world's first invisible-style hearing aid with Deep Neural Network BrainHearing™ technology.

  • A customised fit
  • An invisible look
  • Exceptional sound experience
  • Built on BrainHearingTM
  • Connect seemlessly

You could be eligible to try out state-of-the-art hearing aids for 2-weeks, for free^.    

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We offer hearing tests and hearing aids at our hearing clinic in Woy Woy

Welcome to the Audika Woy Woy hearing clinic, where our team of audiologists or audiometrists are dedicated to providing you with exceptional care including hearing tests and finding the ideal hearing aid for you. We believe in personalised hearing care, because we know that every individual is unique. So when it comes to your hearing aids, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and it is our goal to make sure you always have the very best in hearing care. 

Our Audiologist or Audiometrist at the Woy Woy clinic can help if you;

  • think you may have a hearing loss
  • have a loved one that may have a hearing loss
  • are interested in new hearing aids
  • want to find out about how to look after your hearing and manage your hearing concerns
  • want to use your private health fund1 to assist with the cost of purchasing hearing aids
  • need help understanding the Australian Government Hearing Services Program2
  • get a quote on hearing aids to see if you can save money

Hearing Aids from Woy Woy will be tailored to you

Hearing aids should be as individual as you are. The advent of digital technology has enabled even the smallest model of hearing aids to be quite powerful and most models include advanced features such as multiple programs, directional microphones, feedback cancellation and noise reduction. Whether you’re an experienced or new hearing aid user, our range offers a variety of solutions that can be matched to your hearing, lifestyle and budget needs.

Modern hearing aids are available in discreet styles, and they are powered by advanced technology that allows you to:

  • Hear more clearly in everyday life – even in noisy surroundings
  • Participate more in conversations with your loved ones
  • Minimise the stress and discomfort caused by impaired hearing

Ask about a FREE 2-week hearing aid trial^ at Woy Woy

Getting a hearing health check is a step towards a healthier, happier life. Should you get a hearing loss diagnosis, you’ll be able to discuss the option of a 2-week FREE hearing aid trial^. You’ll then have the time to experience the difference it can make. Love the sounds of your everyday life again.

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Book your FREE* Hearing Check in Woy Woy

It’s important to have your hearing tested regularly, but here are a few reasons why you should book your free hearing check with us today if;
  • you suspect that you have had a change in your hearing
  • it has become difficult to participate in a conversation, where several people are involved
  • you are turning up the volume more often on your television to hear what is being said
  • you have turned 60 and have not had your hearing checked in the past 12-18 months

The above examples may be signs that your hearing has changed and you may have a hearing loss. If you suspect that you have a hearing loss, it is a good idea to get a FREE* Hearing Check. You can be assured that if a loss is detected, Audika’s audiologists or audiometrists will be able to provide specific and tailored advice, as we know hearing loss is often gradual and it can be difficult for yourself to notice that your hearing has changed. That's why it is advisable to have it tested regularly. 

Visit the hearing clinic in Woy Woy, Now

The first step is to contact our hearing clinic in Woy Woy or book an appointment for your FREE* Hearing Check. Here are a few helpful things you should know;

  • our hearing clinic in Woy Woy can offer either an AMTAS - computer test using specific hearing software, a screening test with a clinician or a full test with a clinician. The type of FREE* check you are eligible for will be determined at the time of booking.  
  • subsidised hearing aids for eligible clients under the Government Hearing Services Program2 are available
  • private health insurance - if you have private healthcare, your provider may have extras cover for audiology
  • buy with confidence with a 60-day change of mind return period, and for all Oticon, Sonic and Bernafon hearing aids a 12-month hearing aid loss and damage cover and 4-year hearing aid warranty - all part of the Audika Advantage3
  • fee-free, interest free flexible payment plan options available4
  • start your journey to improve your hearing at our hearing clinic in Woy Woy by booking a FREE* Hearing Check


^ Eligibility for and exact hearing aid model selected for the trial is dependent on the hearing and lifestyle needs determined at the discretion of our qualified clinicians. Read full hearing aid trial terms and conditions
1  Check with you health fund provider to find out what rebates may apply to you. 
2 Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.
3 Click here for Audika Advantage terms and conditions
4 Click here for further information on payment plans


9 reviews
Julie C

Excellent informative service from Elissa
Honest information, no pushy sales, didn’t feel rushed , felt confident wi...

Excellent informative service from Elissa
Honest information, no pushy sales, didn’t feel rushed , felt confident with advice given - highly recommend

2 weeks ago
Michael Brewster

I had a fantastic experience at Audika Audiology! The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive, making the whole...

I had a fantastic experience at Audika Audiology! The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive, making the whole process smooth and comfortable. The audiologist took the time to understand my needs and provided me with a thorough hearing assessment. However, there was a minor discrepancy in the initial assessment. But the staff at Audika Audiology went above and beyond by offering a second adjustment that corrected the issue. With their expert guidance and commitment to ensuring my satisfaction, I was able to select the perfect hearing adjustment that significantly improved my quality of life. I highly recommend Audika Audiology to anyone seeking top-notch hearing care and personalized solutions.

2 months ago
Dennis Arkapaw

Calm in the Storm…
In the world of ever increasing breakdowns with our aging bodies you rightly feel you are under a...

Calm in the Storm…
In the world of ever increasing breakdowns with our aging bodies you rightly feel you are under attack and exposed to charlatans.
How good is it to find someone who really cares and provides sensible advice and genuine expertise in the area of hearing aids.
This person is Elaine Johnson at Audika Woy Woy.
We almost fell for the trap of buying aids through an ad in Open Road for a pair for some bargain basement price. We at the time were looking at a pair for 8K so almost stampeded at the red hot price.
With simple logic we arrived at a much cheaper range that did all that I needed than the Rolls Royce I was first trialling.
What I didn’t realise was the huge advantages of dealing locally and how much work goes into setting up the aids to work exactly at premium levels. How convenient to call in at the shop for advice , changes and sound advice. Even recently Elaine was able to make adjustments remotely while we were in Qld through a mobile connection.
Elaine spoke to us without any pressure and laid out all our possible solutions. We feel like we made good decisions with sound advice and expert assistance.
Losing your hearing is a massive interruption to enjoying life with everything happening in a fog and missing so much in conversations and TV.
Thank you Elaine for your patience and professionalism… you were the calm in the eye of my storm.

2 months ago
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