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HearingLife offer overseas audiologists/audiometrists sponsorship for a period of four years under a Standard Business Sponsorship arrangement. We will also consider supporting your application for permanent residency under the Employer Nomination Scheme if you decide to stay in Australia. This is how the process works:

Prior to Application – Apply for membership to ACAud, Audiology Australia or HAASA in Australia
If you are serious about working in Australia as an audiologists/audiometrists contact ACAud or Audiology Australia to obtain information and application instructions for registration for overseas audiologists/audiometrists. Apply for membership as soon as possible … you do not need a job to apply for membership in Australia but having obtained your membership and sat any required exams will make it much easier for you to source a role with us.

Australian College of Audiology (ACAud)

Become a member

Audiology Australia


Applying for a role with us

Please complete the online application form by click here


You will be contacted by phone for your interview. You are advised to find a quiet area during the interview so that you are not disturbed and can fully concentrate. If it happens that you are disturbed or cannot concentrate due to reasons beyond your control, please let the manager conducting the interview know. We will be happy to reschedule another interview time.

After the Interview

We will complete the reference checks and if satisfactory, you may be provided with a formal offer at this point, which is conditional upon your medical condition and obtaining the relevant working visa and Audiology / Audiometry membership registration in Australia. You are required to sign and date the Offer of Employment / Contract and related Position Description, and return all documentation to the address contained on the Contract.

Visa Application Process

Once the documentation is received, in conjunction with our Migration Agent, will make application to the Department of Immigration (DIAC) to nominate you for a position as a ‘Sponsored 457 Visa . This process generally takes 8 weeks and there may be various other forms of documentation and information needed from you to assist with the visa applicaiton.

You may access the DIAC website at and read about the 457 Visa. Our Migration Agent will be able to assist you further if you are accepted for a role.

Once you have all the required documentation required by DIAC for your visa (including the nomination approval, completed visa application, medical examination results and police checks), we will provide you with further instructions on the process of lodging visa documentation. In most cases, we will be able to act for you and lodge on your behalf saving you significant time and money. As soon as you receive your visa, you are required to contact us to confirm a commencement date. Generally the whole process takes approximately 2-4 months from the time that you receive your Offer of Employment to the date that you commence employment. If you are employed under temporary sponsorship it is a requirement of DIAC that you remain employed in a full time capacity for the duration of your sponsorship. Please consider this carefully before accepting the Offer of Employment.


Department of Immigration insert link

Medical Insurance

As a temporary resident you may be covered by Medicare, the system which pays for the basic healthcare needs of Australians. You can check if you are eligible for Medicare by visiting the Health Insurance Commission (HIC) website
As a condition of your 457 visa, you are also required to take out and maintain private health insurance for the duration of your visa. You must cover both yourself and all dependants. Details of some insurers that provide cover are, and Application for Permanent Residency

If you decide to apply for permanent residency you may ask the Hospital to support your application under the Employer Nomination Scheme. The requirements are as follows:

Successful completion of your six month probationary period. Certain hospitals have specific requirements relating to minimum periods of employment required prior to applying for ENS.
A letter requesting approval for sponsorship under the Employer Nomination Scheme should be sent to the Director of Clinical Services.
Once approved, the ENS application will be completed by the Hospital HR representative or the Group HR Department. The application will be sent to the Department of Immigration and you will be notified when this occurs.
You will need to prepare the associated form 47ES and lodge sometime after the ENS application has been lodged by Group HR (must be lodged within 6 months of the hospital’s ENS application and to the same DIAC Business Centre).
If you have any queries throughout the recruitment process, please do not hesitate to contact us.