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Why work for us?

Our vision is ‘Proud to be the best in hearing’

We believe success comes from valuing our people through the development and recognition of achievements.

We are committed to being Australia’s leading hearing care provider by delivering high-quality outcomes for our clients.

We believe we will achieve this through our client-focused culture, integrity and by striving for excellence in all we do.

We aim to grow our business by respecting and developing the talent we have, and by focusing on acquiring new talent to further enhance our business.

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Reasons to join our team

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    We change lives. We believe everyone has the right to hear, so we strive to restore the joys of hearing every day.

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    Big is beautiful. We are a company with a global presence, but it’s our products and services that set us apart.

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    Success is rewarding. We want you to succeed and we believe you should share in our success.

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    Everyone benefits. We pay competitive salaries and are committed to providing benefits that are both meaningful and valued.

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    We’re all ears. We believe great ideas can come from anyone, so let’s hear them here.

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    Challenge and be challenged. The status quo is always questioned because we’re looking for continuous improvement.

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    Life’s great. We want a workplace full of people who believe the “glass is half full” because we thrive on positive thinking.

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    Your work-life balance is important. We offer flexible working arrangements and make sure your job is challenging and fulfilling.

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    Bring your best self to work. We like people who like, and care about, people and bring happiness to those around them.


We offer fantastic career opportunities throughout Australia, however we are also part of a larger global family that expands our career offering extensively. We offer flexible working arrangements, career progression, a caring, ethical, client-focused culture, staff development programs and employee benefits programs.

A career with Audika is truly rewarding search current vacancies or connect with us