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Are you tired of living with the whats? 

Maybe it’s your partner - or even yourself, who all too often reply with “what?” because you didn’t hear what was being said. 
With 1 in 2 Australians over 60 affected by hearing loss1, there’s no better time than Hearing Awareness Week to stop ignoring the whats and be hearing healthy. 

Especially with hearing loss linked to other health issues like dementia - which is even more reason to have a regular hearing health check.

Audika specialise in personal hearing health that’s tailored to you. Come in for your FREE* hearing health check and be hearing healthy with Audika. 

Be hearing healthy with Audika. 

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1 Calculated by Audika using data from the Hearing Care Industry Association, Hearing for Life - The value of hearing services for vulnerable Australians, 2020 report as well as data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.