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1. The AudioClinic Premier Care Essentials Plan can only be taken up at time of hearing device(s) fitting when a client pays for eligible hearing device(s). A client can only enter the plan at the time of fitting the eligible hearing device(s). Only Oticon Opn™ without Bluetooth® connectivity and Oticon Dynamo SP10 and SP8 devices are eligible for the Premier Care Essentials Plan.

2. The Premier Care Essentials Plan only covers hearing device instruments. The Premier Care Essentials Plan is separate to the manufacturer’s warranty applicable to the hearing device(s). Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty for details of the warranty.

3. AudioClinic reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to withdraw cover or reject a claim if fraud is suspected. Clients are required to supply a Statutory Declaration Form to claim under Loss and Damage/Holiday Cover.

4. In relation to battery replacement, for each hearing device there is a maximum of 15 blister packs (6 batteries per pack) per year, per client over the life of the Premier Care Essentials Plan (3 years).

5. Loss and Damage/Holiday Cover only applies to hearing device(s) purchased with the Premier Care Essentials Plan. The policy covers a once-only replacement of each device covering 80% of the purchase price of a replacement device from AudioClinic for the duration of the 3 years. If the original hearing device(s) purchased is no longer available, a hearing device(s) of similar technology and style will be prescribed as a replacement. 80% cover applies to the current RRP of the new device(s). Cover is for 3 years from the date of original purchase, but replacement device(s) are not eligible for this cover. Loss and Damage coverage is worldwide. The claim can only be for replacement hearing device(s) from AudioClinic, and clients must pay the balance of the purchase price of the device(s) (20%). A cash refund is not covered by the plan, and if a client does not wish to pay the balance of the purchase price they will forfeit their rights under the Loss and Damage/Holiday Cover.

6. In relation to loyalty trade-in discounts, a discount only applies to hearing device(s) purchased within the duration of your 3 year Premier Care Essentials Plan and for 1 year after. The loyalty discount is off RRP at the time of the trade-in, and cannot be combined with any other AudioClinic discounts, promotions or offers.

7. The Premier Care Essentials Plan is available to clients not eligible for hearing assistance through the Federal Government’s Hearing Services Program. Conditions subject to change.


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