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Terms and Conditions for Audika Virtual Choir 

  1. Information on how to apply to join the Audika Virtual Choir form part of these Terms and Conditions. Participation in this activity is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.  In these terms and conditions ‘Audika’ refers to Audika Australia Pty Ltd.

  2. Only Australian and New Zealand residents aged 18 years or over are eligible to apply to join the Audika Virtual Choir to sing the song ‘Call Me’.

  3. Applications open on Friday 22 May 2020 and all videos MUST be submitted prior to 5pm on Tuesday 26 May 2020 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

  4. To enter, individuals must complete all of the following steps during the Submission Period: 

    i.  Complete a sign up form here
    ii. Follow Welcome Email directing to Soul Song website for all assets and tutorial assets
    iii.  Record song and upload file to Soul Song website

  5. Applicants do not automatically get included in the final audio and video versions. It will be at the discretion of the editor to make a final decision on the amount of people that will be included and who will be included.   The use (including editing) of applicants’ videos will be at the discretion of the editor, and applicants will not be provided with the opportunity to review the final Audika Virtual Choir video in advance of its use and release. Applicants will not be informed by Audika or Soul Song whether or not their video has been accepted for inclusion in the final Audika Virtual Choir video.

  6. In consideration for being considered to join the Audika Virtual Choir, upon submission of this video, the applicant assigns all copyright in the audio and video recording (including stills) to Audika.  Should recording be undertaken by a third party, the applicant warrants that they have the right and full legal authority to assign copyright in the audio and visual recording to Audika, and that they have obtained an assignment of copyright in the recording from said third party.  The applicant also agrees to indemnify Audika for any copyright infringement claims made by said third party.  The applicant waives any moral rights that they may have in respect of the recording (including the right of attribution).

  7. The final Audika Virtual Choir video  which may incorporate the applicant’s video will be hosted on all Audika owned channels (eg, website and social media) and may also be used within PR, Advertising and Marketing materials in any medium to promote Audika’s Hearing Care Health Line and Audika’s business. A reference in this clause to Audika includes Audika’s related bodies corporate.

  8. No renumeration will be provided for participating in the Audika Virtual Choir or use of applicant’s videos. Cash or other incentives will not be supplied by Audika to anyone submitting an entry (including successful applicants). 

  9. Personal information provided to Audika and Soul Song Choir as part of the submission process will be used for the purpose of managing and administering the Audika Virtual Choir project, and will be managed in accordance with Audika’s privacy policy  and Soul Song Choir’s privacy policy, as applicable.  Personal information will be shared between Audika and Soul Song Choir, and may be disclosed to third parties involved in managing and administering the Audika Virtual Choir project.  You consent to such use and disclosure.