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Audika & Bowls Australia Partnership

$10 donation - Terms and Conditions

  1. In these terms and conditions “Audika” means Audika Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 40 061 969 006) (formerly Oticon Australia Pty Limited).

  2. Audika will donate $10 to Bowls Australia Limited (BA) for every new client who, during the Promotional Period, books and attends a hearing test OR hearing screen with Audika (“New Client Bowls Donation Offer”) and who mentions the promotional code ‘Bowls Australia’ when booking the test/screen. Refer to clauses 3 and 4 below for further information regarding who is considered to be a new client.

  3. Offer only available to new clients of the entities that have at any time operated Audika branded clinics, being Audika Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Oticon Australia Pty Limited) and Sonic Innovations Pty Ltd.

  4. A new client is a person who has never previously received services from Audika Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Oticon Australia Pty Limited) or Sonic Innovations Pty Ltd (who previously operated Audika-branded clinics), including their predecessor brands. Predecessor brands include Western Hearing Services, Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions, AudioClinic and HearingLife. “Services” means professional services of any kind and includes previous hearing tests/screens and any other completed appointment type, including screens undertaken at community events, which may have been organised under the name “Campaign for Better Hearing”.

  5. Employees of Audika and any of its related companies, are not eligible for the New Client Bowls Donation Offer.

  6. Limit of 1 New Client Bowls Donation Offer ($10 donation) per person.

  7. Donations will be paid by Audika to BA. BA will be responsible for the distribution of these funds to individual Bowls Clubs based on information provided by clients to Audika (which will be shared with BA for the purposes of distributing the donations).

  8. Offer only available for appointments booked and attended during the period 1st December 2020 – 31st January 2021 (“Promotional Period”) in Australia.

  9. New Client Bowls Donation Offer is only available for tests and screens conducted in an Audika clinic and is not available for the on-line, self-hearing test at the website or any tests/screens conducted outside the clinic environment (for example, at community events).

  10. Clients must mention the promotional code ‘Bowls Australia’ and all contact details requested must be provided when booking to be eligible for this offer.

  11. To receive the New Client Bowls Donation Offer clients must attend their booked appointment. $10 donation will not be made if appointment is cancelled or a no-show.

  12. For the purposes of administering the New Client Offer, it is necessary for Audika to collect personal information about you, including information to identify your local bowling club, as well as to disclose your personal information to Bowls Australia Limited. For further information regarding how we manage personal information, refer to our privacy policy at


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