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Recently the Hearing Services Program (HSP) has created a new online portal in order to facilitate and support the administration of vouchers for the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. This online portal is part of the Hearing Services Online (HSO) Project.

About the Portal

The portal aims to reduce red tape and improve access to the program by providing quicker eligibility and application processing for clients, reducing the waiting time and number of paper forms needed to access hearing services.

Clients can use the portal to confirm their eligibility for the program, submit an application for a hearing services voucher and view the hearing services provider directory in a searchable map.


Service providers

Service providers can use the portal to help clients to apply for a hearing services voucher, with client consent, submit a request for a return voucher, view and manage client details, with client consent- submit a request to transfer a client from another service provider and also manage their own site location details which in additionally updates the interactive provider directory.

For more information on the program view our Hearing Services Program page here.

Alternatively if you’re now ready to apply, please click here to progress to the portal.

Click here to portal


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