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Are you ready to enjoy the sounds of Christmas?

"by " Albert Stein

Christmas can be an exciting time, full of the hustle and bustle of the festive season. Shops and neighbours dust off the old Christmas lights, and decorations pop up wherever you turn. But for some people, the holiday season can be a particular challenge, especially for people with untreated hearing loss.

According to the Hearing Care Industry Association, only one in four people with hearing loss actually use a hearing aid1. This means that there could be thousands of people across the country suffering from hearing loss, and potentially missing out on some of the joys of Christmas because of it.

Even if you’ve never been fitted with a hearing aid before, it’s never too late seek help. Here are two good reasons why you should do so this Christmas.  

For people with untreated hearing loss, noisy environments such as parties and restaurants can be exceedingly challenging. This is because it can become hard to separate the sound of a friend’s voice over the background noise.

Don’t let your hearing loss stop you from fully enjoying that reunion with your family.

Nothing gets you into the festive spirit quite like watching an old holiday movie classic – ‘Love Actually’, anyone? Hearing ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ or ‘Winter Wonderland’ also does the trick.

Make sure you can enjoy these special festive traditions by getting your hearing checked out.

If you think or someone you know could be struggling with hearing loss, you may want to talk to an audiologist in time for the holiday season. You can click here or call 1800 340 631 to request a hearing check with your local Audika clinic.

*HCIA, The facts about Hearing Health in Australia. Accessed December 2, 2015.