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hearing aids for pensioners

Pensioners and veterans wanting to get their hearing tested or be fitted with hearing aids in Australia will be happy to know that there are a number of government programs available to assist.

Audika is an accredited provider with the Department of Health and our hearing clinic staff can advise whether you are eligible for government subsidised services^. We will also help fill out your application paperwork and answer any questions about relevant entitlement schemes.

For more information simply call 1800 340 631 or visit your local clinic.


Your entitlements

Eligible people can obtain a comprehensive range of hearing services designed to meet your needs, these include;

  • Your hearing assessed by a qualified hearing services practitioner.

  • If the assessment indicates that a hearing aid or other device would assist you, your practitioner will help you select an appropriate model from a range of quality devices made by leading manufacturers.

  • The practitioner will also advise you on how to get the maximum benefit from your hearing aid.

  • If you have complex hearing problems, you will be offered additional services to meet your needs

  • If you are already a client of the program, new aids will only be fitted if your current hearing aids are no longer meeting your clinical requirements as assessed by your hearing services practitioner.

If you are eligible, we will help you fill out an application form or you can find one on the Government’s Department of Health and Ageing Website here.


The Application Process

Once your application has been processed you’ll receive a services voucher for a subsidised comprehensive test at any of our hearing clinics Australia-wide.

At the end of the test our Clinician will advise you on the range of suitable aids for your degree of loss, lifestyle and budget. Here, you will be able to choose from fully subsidised hearing aids under the Australian Government program or opt for devices with additional features where you pay an additional or ‘top-up’ amount.

Audika is committed to providing value-for-money products and services and will advise on any in-clinic discounts that may be applicable for the features you choose.

For more information contact us on 1800 340 631 or via the online form here.

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