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It doesn’t take a lot of work to get the most out of your hearing aids – there are just a few simple steps to take and make sure they are giving you the best performance for as long as possible.

These steps can be broken down into a few simple ‘rules of thumb’:

First, read the instructions

Your hearing aids will have given to you with instructions. Read these first – they are written specifically for your hearing aids and will give you the best advice.

Second, keep your hearing aids safe

Your hearing aids are small and sensitive devices. For general care:

  • Keep your hearing aids in a safe place, preferably in the storage box you were provided with
  • Keep your hearing aids out of reach of pets and young children
  • When changing hearing aid battery, best to work over a table, so that it is easy to find any small parts that you might drop
  • Remove the batteries when you are not using your hearing aids for more than a couple of days. You may need to put new batteries in when you use them next.
  • Do not drop your hearing aids – handle them gently

Third, keep your hearing aids clean

Daily checking and regular cleaning is needed to ensure they do not get blocked up with wax or other debris. This can make them fail completely.

  • Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe your hearing aids
  • Use the tools you were given to clean the difficult-to-reach parts
  • Do not clean your hearing aids using water or anything that is wet or damp, such as detergent

Fourth, avoid water and humidity

Hearing aids are electronic devices that will fail if they are exposed to too much water or humidity. Be very careful to ensure your hearing aids do not make contact with liquids, whether you are wearing them or not.

  • Don’t expose your hearing aids to moisture or drop them in water, not even to clean them
  • Remove your hearing aids before taking a bath or shower or when at the barber and hairdresser
  • Avoid wearing your hearing aids while applying hair spray

Fifth, avoid extreme temperatures

Your hearing aids are designed to work within a set range of temperatures.

  • Avoid extremely cold temperatures
  • Avoid direct or excessive hea
  • Do not leave your hearing aids in the sun, in a hot car or near radiators or heaters
  • Remove your hearing aids before using a hair dryerRemove your hearing aids before undergoing Short-wave Diathermy or other electrical treatments – ask your audiologist or doctor if you unsure

Following these steps will help you keep your hearing aids work longer and better.

If you experience problems with earwax, skin irritation, or have any other problems please see your local Hearing Care Clinician as soon as you are able.

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