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Oticon Opn™ ground-breaking technology¹

Now in a rechargeable hearing aid option!

This ground breaking technology is proven to improve your ability to understand speech even in challenging environments by 30% compared to the Alta2 Pro¹ which allows you to hear better, remember more, with less effort.

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  • Simply charge your rechargeable hearing aids the night before² and wake up to full-power hearing aids in the morning.

  • No more fiddling with the battery door to replace your hearing aid batteries, with the convenience of working with conventional batteries.

  • environmentally friendly

    Rechargeable hearing aids reduce the number of batteries disposed.

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For a richer, more meaningful soundscape Oticon Rechargeable is powered by the new Velox™ platform. The tiny but powerful chip provides the ultra-fast and precise sound analysis and processing needed to support the brain’s ability to make sense of sound.

  • oticon_feature_icon_opensound_navigator_pos

    Expertly manages multiple speech and noise patterns so you can focus on conversations while staying attentive to the people and things around you and switch focus to what you want to hear.

  • oticon_feature_icon_spatial_sound_lx_pos

    Locate, follow and shift focus to the sounds you want to hear so you feel at ease, even in challenging environments.

  • oticon_feature_icon_speech_guard_lx_pos

    Preserves clear, balanced sound and speech quality to improve your ability to distinguish speech from noise. Follow conversations with less effort, even with multiple speakers.

  • oticon_feature_icon_youmatic_pos

    Tailors the open-sound experience to your personal listening preferences and needs. Enjoy more details of your environment with a high level of sound quality, personalised to how you want to hear.

  • oticon_feature_icon_clear_dynamics_pos

    Better sound quality with less distortion, Oticon Opn™ gives you a richer listening experience especially when enjoying music or engaging in conversation in noisy environments.

  • oticon_feature_icon_soft_speech_booster_pos

    The soft sounds that occur typically in most situations and conversations are made more audible, allowing you to understand in challenging environments.

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1Le Goff et al. 2016.

2Minimum 7 hours of uninterrupted charge. Battery life may vary depending on individual hearing aid settings, prescription requirements, streaming and connectivity usage.

3Always read the instructions for use. Follow the instructions for use. Your clinician will advise you if this product is suitable for you.

4Fees and charges apply (adapting to rechargeable hearing aids).

*FREE hearing checks are available to adults aged 26 years and over only.

This information is intended as a guide to highlight the features of each product only. Consult your hearing healthcare professional to advise which product is suitable for you and your needs.