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Oticon Opn™

Oticon Opn™ is a new kind of hearing aid. Proven to improve your ability to understand speech even in challenging environments by 30%1, allowing you to hear better, remember more, with less effort.  

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Always read the instructions for use. Follow the instructions for use. Your clinician will advise you if this product is suitable for you.
1Le Goff et al. 2016

Why Oticon Opn™ hearing aids?

With Oticon Opn™ you have the ability to understand speech in complex environments, allowing you to communicate easier and with more convenience. Oticon Opn™, powered by the Velox Platform opens a full soundscape allowing you to embrace multiple speakers simultaneously and actively participate in conversations with more participants, moving away from the traditional hearing aids which may isolate one speaker and suppress all others. Proven to improve your ability to understand speech even in challenging environments by 30%1, the Oticon Opn™ allows you to hear better, remember more, with less effort.

Oticon Opn™ hearing aids are also available in a rechargeable option+, making everyday life easier for hearing aid users. Simply charge your hearing aids overnight for a full-days charge^. Conventional batteries can still be used in emergencies.

Le Goff et al. 2016
+Only with miniRITE
^Minimum 7 hours of uninterrupted charge. Battery life may vary depending on individual hearing aid settings, prescription requirements, streaming and connectivity usage.
This information is intended as a guide to highlight the features of each product only. Consult your hearing healthcare professional to advise which product is suitable for you and your needs.

Features and Benefits of Oticon Opn™

  • oticon_feature_icon_spatial_sound_lx_pos

    Preserves spatial cues to help the brain organise a sound scape oriented to the location and direction of sounds in your environment. More precise spatial awareness helps you identify and follow where the sound is coming from, so you can respond naturally and shift focus to the conversations and sounds around you.

  • oticon_feature_icon_clear_dynamics_pos

    When listening to music or chatting with friends in busy, dynamic environments, sound peaks are often louder than what most hearing aids are able to handle. Clear Dynamics expands the input dynamic range so you enjoy better sound quality without distortion even in loud environments.

  • Speech_rescue_LX_neg

    Preserves clear, transparent sound quality and speech details to improve your ability to understanding speech in noise. Speech Rescue LX, is a frequency lowering feature, that uses a copy-and-keep method to improve high frequency clarity and speech intelligibility. 

Hear the sounds all around you, with Oticon Opn™ hearing aids. Supporting how the brain makes sense of sound, Oticon Opn™ gives the wearer's brain natural conditions in which to respond to events.

Discover Oticon Opn™ through daily situations, in the video below.  

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Help your brain make sense of sound

Hearing loss limits the amount of acoustic detail the brain receives. The fewer details the harder the brain has to work to decode sound. Oticon Opn™ is designed to help the brain make sense of sound, in a 360° sound environment. The feature OpenSound Navigator in Oticon Opn™ hearing aids, scans the full 360° sound environment more than 100 times per second, to identify noise, separate it from speech and reduces the levels of loud noise – even between individual words.

OpenSound Navigator in Oticon Opn™ ensures a full, more balanced soundscape and lets users enjoy improved speech understanding even in complex and dynamic environments, while at the same time preserving mental energy. Open up to the world with Oticon Opn™.


Open up to multiple speakers

With Oticon Opn™, these hearing aids open up the listening environment to embrace multiple speakers. The feature Spatial Sound LX, uses binaural compression to provide precise spatial awareness that helps users identify where sounds are coming from. Oticon Opn™ hearing aids deliver a rich, meaningful soundscape that provides a richer, more realistic sound picture so you perceive the location and direction of sounds with greater ease.

Locate, follow and shift focus to the speakers you want to hear with Oticon Opn™. Instantly change focus to whatever you consciously or unconsciously find important.


Reduces the effort of listening

Oticon Opn™ improves speech understanding in noise and makes it easier for you to follow conversations in many situations - from soft to loud environments and even those with multiple speakers. The Speech Guard LX feature improves speech understanding in noisy environments, preserving clear, transparent sound quality and speech details for better speech understanding with less effort even in complex environments.

Oticon Opn™ hearing aids, proven to improve your ability to understand speech even in challenging environments by 30%1. Hear better, remember more, with less effort with Oticon Opn™.

1Le Goff et al. 2016


Wirelessly connects to your devices

Oticon Opn™ is one of the world's first internet-connected hearing aids. Imagine the lights coming on and the security alarm turning off when you put your hearing aids on in the morning. You can choose to control your Oticon Opn™ hearing aids with a phone app for iPhone and Android devices, where you can adjust the volume, programme settings and make any connections you want, using the IFTTT (If This Then That) app.

The Oticon ON App, enables user friendly connectivity with electronic devices such as smartphones, TVs, laptops, tablets and many more devices, directly streaming through 2.4GHz2 wireless Bluetooth®, so you have the opportunity to connect to and control a range of devices in everyday life.

For more information on how to craft your own connections and about compatibility in relation to your hearing aid.

2 Not available in all styles and not compatible in all modern smartphones. For more details on smartphone compatibility, click here. Effect and availabilty of features varies with hearing aid style and prescription. Consult your hearing care professional to find the right style for your needs, as not all styles may be suitable for your needs and anatomy.   

New World vs Old World

Traditional hearing aids mostly coped with noise by restricting your focus to one sound source at a time, while suppressing all other sounds. Now the technology in Oticon Opn™ hearing aids, opens up your world to embrace multiple speakers. This makes directional sound as we know it, a thing of the past.

Old technology
Focuses on one speaker,
suppresses all others.
New Opn technology
Opens up the listening environment
so you hear multiple speakers.
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